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Whatever story you tell, video will enrich the experience.

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Long Format Videos

The single most important thing to producing video content is consistency. To build that consistency into your content we will produce 1 long format video a month we’ll call this video an episode. Each episode will be 15-30 min in length. This episode will live on Youtube and on your website.

“One video a month feels like a lot?”
“I just talk about my projects?”
“Are people really interested in what I'm doing?”

These or similar questions might be floating through your head. What might seem mundane and run of the mill to you, is actually interesting and informative to those trying to get to know you and your business. Pulling back the curtain and sharing your story is the best place to start. You’ll find once you start releasing these episodes clients will call and say “I feel like I already know you.”

High Impact Clips

From that full length 15-30 min episode we will create 30sec - 1min clips to post across social media platforms. Clips are equally as important as the full episode. You’ll get equal if not more reach from the clips and drive attention back to the full episode. Deliverables could look like this for example:

(5) 30sec-1min clips pulled directly from the episode.
(1) 1min Highlight edit.
(1) 15 second vertical promo video.

Those 7 videos could be posted across 3 different platforms making 21 pieces of content. That’s 5 posts a week creating consistent video content across your social platforms. You want to stay in front of your audience as much as possible so when it comes time to build you’re at the top of their mind.


Photos will be taken throughout the video shoot and will be made available to post across social platforms.

(10+) Photos across 3 platforms is 30 pieces of content.

Written Content

Transcription from the full length episode will be given to our ghostwriter.  She will turn the episode into a blog post for your website, and linked in. You can pull quotes from the blog and turn those it tweets or IG captions just creating more content.  

(1) Blog post on 2 platforms and you can pull quotes for more content.


In one episode we can create at least 55 pieces of content! This will overhaul your social media and provide you consistency. Imagine this over the duration of a year that's at least 660+ pieces of content in addition to what you already post.



About Us

Motif will create content that reflects who you are and the quality of work you produce. Focus on what you do best and we’ll create the content. We (Partners Nick Schiffer and Doug Duvall) turned NS Builders  into a content machine and turned The Modern Craftsman Podcast into a known name across the building industry. Creating and sustaining multiple youtube series, podcasts, blogs, and social media posts drawing millions of views and driving in real business leads. We’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours working out the best way to make content. Take advantage of the time we’ve invested to implement strong content into your business.

Production of a Monthly Series

Content Strategy Workshop
A pre-production meeting will be held with Nick Schiffer and Doug Duvall to discuss marketing strategy and overall approach to the month's content production. This could be split up. Half-hour meeting before production and half hour after all deliverables are completed for distribution. Once things get rolling it can be utilized as a general marketing strategy meeting.  

Video / Photo Shoot
We strategically plan a 1-2 day shoot to capture a detail or progress on a project. We’ll capture a walkthrough or interview that will serve as the base and be supported by broll. Photos to be taken throughout the day.

Edit & Development
The footage will be edited into a 15-30 min episode. After the initial cut, 2 rounds of edits will be made. The goal is to build trust with each other to automate the process but to start there will be some adjusting. A custom thumbnail will be made for the Youtube video and we’ll post the final video to Youtube if access to the channel is given.

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