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NS Builders sees 4000% return (projects under contract)  in value from money invested in video content from Motif Media. If your goal is to gain more revenue with your construction business, start with content marketing.

Site Visit

Site Visit is a weekly long form video series that creates a peek behind the curtain so clients can understand the NS Builders product faster. 75% of clients chose to hire NS Builders based on the Site Visit series and social media video before they ever met anyone from the NSB team. Half of the remaining 25% state that video content was the deciding factor for choosing NS Builders.

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Festool, Rockwool and Siga are just a couple examples of building product companies that partner with NS Builders to promote their product and also create custom content. With Motif’s understanding of the building industry we know how to create this content in a natural and effective manner that doesn't become too sales driven. The quality of the video created stands out from “DIY” content.


Video Production 

Video Editing

Vertical video clips 



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