3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Videographer

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Nick Schiffer

3 Reasons You Don’t Need a Videographer

#1 Your Phone. You have an incredibly powerful tool in your hand. Use it! Even if you don't have the newest and best phone they still take great video and it’s the easiest way to get started.

Your Story. No onboarding necessary. Nobody knows your story and what you’re all about better than you. Use video to share your message with all the things that make you better, unique or special.

#3 Cost. The most obvious reason is cost. If you’re willing to invest the time to do your own video it can save you the upfront cost of hiring a videographer. PREPARE to spend some time learning.

3 reasons you might want a videographer

#1 Your time. Your time might be better spent focusing on your business or what you do best so hiring a videographer to take on your video needs makes sense. Hiring a videographer to take on your video needs frees you up.

#2 Execution. Putting all the pieces of your story or message together in a consistent manner at a high level is a challenge. This is where an expert videographer can make a good story or message great.

#3 Level up. Taking your content to the next level and reflecting the quality of work you do in your video, photos or branding is a challenge. Hiring someone to create next level content and guide you along the way is the most time and cost effective way to level up+++

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