Content: Where do I start?

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Nick Schiffer

Content: Where do I start?

“I have a new website and branding but it's done nothing for me. I'm frustrated and I really don't want to spend more money on something that in the end gives me no return on investment.”

I hear this phrase from a lot of people.

If you think having a great website and logo is enough you’re missing the entire picture. Having a great website and logo is important, don’t get me wrong but it’s really just the beginning. To use the building analogy, it’s the foundation. Your brand and website are just a platform. Content is what's going to build traction, awareness, and drive in new business.

What is content? Content is information, and experiences translated into written word, photo, video, or audio. It can be delivered in many different mediums but we’ll be speaking specifically about your website and social media.

Content can be purely informative, educational, sharing an experience, entertaining or promotional. When we talk about content at Motif we’re talking about your business. What content can we create that best tells the story of your business?

“I don't have the time and I don't see the need for social media. Word of mouth has been working for me.”

If you have the amount of business and type of business you want and you're happy with everything that's going on with your business. Then stop reading. By no means do you need to produce content for your business. If you are, however trying to get more business, new types of business, or raise awareness, then producing and releasing content is the most organic and effective way to do it.

So, Where do I start ? I’ll answer that question with a question. Where do you want to go? The difficult thing for all of us is figuring out what we want. But once we know that everything becomes very simple.

If you want to sell a product. Then you need to create a series of informative content that shares everything unique and special about your product. Is this product’s story best told visually? If yes, Then creating visual content (Photo & Video) will make the most sense.

If you’re an expert and you want to sell your consulting service. Then you need to create content that educates why your service is needed. Let’s say this service isn’t very visually appealing then maybe a podcast and blog are the best way to educate about your services.

Let’s have a conversation about content.

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