The Grind of Podcasts

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Nick Schiffer

The Grind of Podcasts

Starting a podcast is a grind, don’t let that be discouraging, it's just the truth. Podcasts are some of the biggest platforms in the world and are available to just about anyone with a phone and internet access. The best part about them from a cost standpoint is the initial dollar amount invested is nothing compared to the potentially high (in some cases incredibly high) yield in return.

At Motif we produce 2 podcasts. The Modern Craftsman Podcast which recently went over 200 episodes and the NS Podcast which has released over 60. Since 2019 the Modern Craftsman went from 250K downloads to over 2.7 Million. The secret to it’s large jump in numbers? Weekly episodes. From 2017-2019 The podcast had some success but no consistency. Sporadically posting episodes here and there leaving the audience confused about when the next episode would release and in some cases the audience probably forgot about the podcast all together. When the co-hosts of the podcast came together and decided to post weekly and committed their time to the podcast, downloads went up and up. When it comes to podcasts consistency is king. If you can do multiple podcasts a week you’d probably see even bigger gains. Now you know the secret but to reference the title of this podcast again, it’s a grind. It’s time and effort.

The commitment it takes to put a recurring event in your calendar for 2hrs a week to sit down by yourself, with a co-host or with a guest in front of a microphone to just talk doesn't seem like that big of a deal. In practice you’ll quickly see it’s not as easy as it sounds. The 2hrs of the actual discussion is just the beginning. If you have co-hosts and/ or guests before you even have the conversation you need to line up schedules. Once the podcast is recorded it needs to be trimmed, titled, and uploaded. Artwork needs to be created. Clips and stories need to be made to share and promote. The time commitment starts to add up quickly week after week.

If you have the ability to make time and produce your own podcast, great! There's an endless supply of resources to help you produce, publish, and share your podcast. But for those of you that don't have the time, Motif. Our experience with producing The Modern Craftsman Podcast and NS Podcast have given us great insight and a proven track record that we can help you through the grind. We already gave you the big secret… Post weekly. Now it’s a matter of executing.

Much like a website or social media every business should have a podcast. It’s a limitless way to share information and gain potential clients. Reach out and see how Motif can help you produce a podcast for your business.

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